Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi originally developed as a martial art in 13th Century China and is a gentle form of exercise combining deep breathing and slow, smooth co-ordinated movements.

More recently it has been shown to improve general wellbeing by reducing stress and blood pressure. Other physical benefits include improved balance, flexibility and strength. Health departments in Australia and New Zealand have now implemented Tai Chi as a form of exercise to reduce falls.

Elaine has qualified through The Tai Chi for Health Institute, which has modified Tai Chi to make it more usable for seniors with arthritic conditions.

When & Where?

Classes are run at various locations in Aston Clinton, Halton & Wendover. Please contact Elaine for further details.

Every Monday morning starting at 10.00am and last for one hour during school term time.

What to wear

Get the best out of your classes by wearing comfortable, non-restrictive exercise clothing that allows your body to move freely. Either go bare-footed, or wear non-slip socks during class. It’s also a good idea to bring a bottle of water with you.

How much

Classes are £5.00 each payable on the day.

Book or to find out more

To book classes or for more information, please call or send me an email.


What clients say

“I’ve been doing Tai Chi with Elaine for over a year now and can highly recommend it. The classes are very relaxed and enjoyable and Tai Chi is excellent for those wanting to improve their balance and flexibility. I have particularly enjoyed the step by step build-up to longer exercises that require a high degree of concentration, are technically quite complicated but can be undertaken by anyone, regardless of fitness level. Elaine is very patient with us and welcomes newcomers whenever they choose to join. It’s also a great way to meet new people. Give it a try!”

Freda, Oct 2016