Physiotherapy treatment

Elaine provides an initial hour long assessment taking a holistic approach in assessing your specific condition and to address any muscle imbalances which may have predisposed you to your injury in the first place.

She uses a combination of “hands on” treatment, exercises and Pilates, to aid a full recovery and reduce the chance of reoccurrence.

Elaine also has good working relationships with local GPs and health care professionals to ensure continuation of care.

Sessions are held at Halton Physiotherapy Clinic, where there’s also access to a fitness studio and gym for rehabilitation.

Halton Physiotherapy Clinic is recognised by all major health insurance companies.

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What clients say

“For my condition with lower leg injuries and arthritis, it is very helpful to have Elaine as my physiotherapist and Pilates instructor as she is very knowledgeable in her field and helpful”
Anke, Aston Clinton

“I highly recommend Elaine because she listened when i described my symptoms and carried out a thorough examination of my RH rotator cuff, which uncovered a tear in the shoulder that required immediate attention. Elaine has been (and remains) instrumental in my recovery from recent major shoulder surgery. The weekly physio sessions are proving successful as I regain the use of my right shoulder.”

Gary Cross